Granarolo has always had a vocation to provide safe food in terms of nutrition and hygiene and, also to suggest paths for proper nutrition, a commitment of considerable social importance, in which these booklets play a role in supporting the health improvement campaign sponsored by the Italian Ministry of Health.



To spread knowledge of our business and discover the many didactic activities for young generations, dedicated to education about correct diets, information about the milk production chain and promotion of aware consumption.

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Educational Farm

Commercial or holiday farms providing teaching activities, in order to rediscover the “cultural” value of farming, to create relationships between producers and young consumers, focused on knowledge of agricultural production and a healthy lifestyle, and to consolidate ties between young people and their local area.

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Italian pavilion


At the Italian Pavilion Granarolo represented Italian milk production with two main kinds of experience: an educational section with in-depth thematic areas to engage visitors with their knowledge of Italian milk, and an interactive path packed with stimuli, suggestions and interesting facts about the dairy industry.

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