Sustainability according to Granarolo

Granarolo wants to create long-term economic value highlighting social responsibility and environmental protection.

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CSR Strategies

Granarolo’s idea of sustainability is to produce value in cooperation with the other players in the system.

This vision supports the corporate culture permeating our principles and therefore also our business activities, in the belief that the challenge of being sustainable presents great opportunities:

  • economic growth
  • governance strength
  • creation of innovative products able to meet real needs
  • customer loyalty, consumer involvement and staff growth
  • commitments in favour of communities near and far

The company supports:

  • themes related to sustainable agricultural practices, use of soil, the ability to “nurture the planet “, of anyone who uses raw materials from agriculture;
  • the need to make the job of the farmer a future project for young generations in order to guarantee generational change;
  • management of a chain of high intensive jobs that requires attention to respect for workers’ rights;
  • internal reality resulting from acquisitions, with different approaches and mentalities often requiring talents that can produce innovation and efficiency, forming a team and finding positive stimuli in life on the farm;
  • strong territorial roots of the company and its supply chain, which sets up relationships with many communities and understands their interests and sensitivities;
  • the importance of enhancing the quality features of its products, so that they are recognised by consumers;
  • the need to understand the specific needs of consumers and of Italian and foreign customers in order to give adequate answers, constantly paying the highest attention to matters of food safety;
  • the stimulus provided by opening up towards foreign markets, vital for maintaining positive results in terms of employment and remuneration of member-farmers in Italy, and also an opportunity to enhance typical Italian knowhow.

While carrying out this business, this culture becomes systematic evaluation of the environmental and social impact of actions and projects, and research into innovative solutions that produce social and environmental improvements by working across business functions.

Production, exchange or transfer of value between Granarolo and other players can take place only in the presence of a stable, correct, transparent and fiduciary relationship system.


Ethical Code

The Ethical Code belongs to the entire Granarolo Community. Created by the people to serve the people. Based on values, to allow everyone to generate and spread value.

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