Policies of

Corporate social responsibility

Correct, transparent and fiduciary relationships, underlying all our work. Thanks to this, we produce every day value and benefits for the entire context in which we operate, by cooperating with those who work with commitment and responsibility in our production system.

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Milk supply chain

A production chain of people and values. Protection of the Italian milk production chain is a priority for Italy. The Granarolo supply chain model represents an integrated system of production in which the company directly controls all stages, from production of the raw materials through to distribution of the finished product to the sales points.



Granarolo cooperates with institutions and other companies that, like us, believe in a sustainable and responsible enterprise development. Through all our project, we aim to be active players on both local and national levels.

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The environment is a resource we must respect and love, from the farm to the shelves in the sales point. We undertake to respect the environment, to reduce the impact of our premises and to contribute to the research for clean energy.

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Research and


Continuous research for improvement and innovation. Innovation is today a fundamental element for every company, but for Granarolo it is even more: it is a tool for growing as an economic reality, as an industry and as a professional resource but, above all, it is a way for developing our culture as well as our business vision.

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Improved health is worth it. Together with our safe, healthy products, we constantly support communication campaigns and initiatives that aim to spread and promote a healthy diet and fit lifestyle.

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Project archive

Check out our social, environmental and didactic projects and the research and innovation promoted by Granarolo Group.