Bologna, 23 October 2017 – Granarolo Group, the leading Italian-owned agro-industrial operator in the country, launches Granarolo GPlus, a one-of-a-kind innovation on the Italian market. This milk beverage contains 30% less sugar than the milk used, while its other nutritional elements remain the same. It will be available on the mass retail shelves from November 2017.

Granarolo G+ is made from 100% Italian milk selected from the Granarolo farms, the biggest supply chain in Italy, controlled and certified at every stage. The production process involves first of all breaking down the milk sugar - lactose - into its two simple sugars - glucose and galactose - to make it suitable for everyone, even people who are lactose-intolerant or find it difficult to digest. Then, an innovative, patented filtering system is used to separate the different parts of the milk, obtaining a product with 30% less sugar than normal milk, without affecting its nutritional elements.

“Granarolo G+ is about to revolutionise the milk market.” declared Gianpiero Calzolari, Chairman of Granarolo, “This is a unique innovation that can create a new product category and meet the emerging demand of consumers, who are increasingly attracted by functional foods that are good for you. Indeed, wellness & health is the biggest-growing sector in the market, recording a volume increase of 6.9% and a value increase of 6.7% in wellness, and a 20% volume increase and 18% value increase in health (Source: Nielsen). We will be producing G+ in our Gioia del Colle (BA) facility in Puglia, where we have invested more than 5 million euros, and generated the opportunity to employ young people”.

Granarolo G+ comes from the observation of major consumer changes taking place. In recent years, diet lifestyles have changed dramatically, and with them so too have consumer choices. Consumers are now very attentive to quantity and even more so to the nutritional value of what they are eating. The less is more trend is continuing to build, year-in and year-out, also in the milk category. The “sugar-free” segment has been growing a lot in recent years, and is now second only to “fat-free” in consumer preferences (Source: Nielsen).

The full Granarolo G+ range is as follows:
  • two, 1-litre refrigerated items, pasteurised at high temperatures (half-skimmed milk beverage, skim milk beverage);
  • two, 1-litre long-life shelf items (half-skimmed milk beverage, skim milk beverage)
  • the half-litre long-life shelf items come in three different formulas:
    • one with magnesium vitamins B6 and B12, which help combat tiredness and fatigue and is protein-rich;
    • one with fibre, which helps normal bowel function and is a source of vitamins A and D3;
    • one with omega3 (EPA and DHA), which helps normal heart function and is a source of vitamins A and D3.

The launch of the new Granarolo G+ range will be supported by a massive television and digital media cutting across social media and IT/mobile platforms, the key information tools prior to purchase. Support activities will also be rolled out in points of sale. What's more, consumers can scan the QR Code on the pack labels to link to a video that describes the production process patented by Granarolo.


Granarolo Group at Anuga Food Fair 2017